• At least one-half of all businesses hire coaches

• 95% of survey respondents say coaching has
  increased in the past five years

• 95% of organizations that use coaching have
  increased their use of coaching over the past five
  years – NONE have decreased coaching use.

Why the emphasis on coaching?
  Increasingly, businesses are realizing that professional coaching can help align employees’ strengths and personal values with corporate values.  Such alignment will also help employees develop specific competencies, achieve their career goals and drive the organization’s success.  Not only does coaching help to develop new leadership, but it also improves retention.

Companies that have been recognized for their commitment to coaching include:

    • ADP
    • BMW Manufacturing Co.
    • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
    • Deloitte Services LP
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • Scientific Atlanta

Consider Corporate Coaching  If You
    • Need To Accelerate Leadership Development
      For Growth And Expansion
    • Rely On Co-Workers To Communicate And
      Learn New Systems
    • Want To Support (Retain) Key People By Focusing On
      What They Care About
    • Recognize A Valuable Team That Could Increase Profitability
    • Have New Systems To Put In Place
    • Desire To Promote High Potential Employees That
      Need Talent Development
    • Appreciate Value Of Employees Bringing Their Whole
      Selves To Work
    • Can Benefit From A Process To Hold Managers Accountable
      For What Is Meaningful And Important To Them

Consider Individual Coaching If You
    • Hate What You Do But Can’t Afford To Quit
    • Have Been Told To Develop New Clients and
      Increase Revenues
    • Feel Frustrated At Work And Don’t Know
      If You Should Stay Or Look For Something Else            
    • Love What You Do, Get Great Reviews But
      Passed Over For Greater Opportunities           
    • Want To Identify How Your Passion Can Satisfy
      Personal Fulfillment And Business Needs
    • Are In Job Transition And Want To
      Re-Evaluate Your Career Path
    • Desire To Work More Easily And Productively
      With Boss, Direct Reports and Peers