How to Clarify Your Vision and Translate Existing Skills Into...

• Successful Job Transitions
• Dynamic Interpersonal Skills
• Sparkling Communication Skills
• Enhanced Personal Career Development
• More Open Doors

Here are two ways you can work with us on an individual basis:

Career Development

It happens all the time. People never realize their true potential because they haven't yet brought their passion to the surface.

We'll coach you to identify your passion, but we don't stop there.

We'll also help you to identify work environments where your passion, skills and enthusiasm can be nurtured, grow and thrive like never before.

You have certain core beliefs simmering just below the surface, ready to come out and be recognized. Together we'll design next-step actions to energize new understandings that create the kind of true success you've been seeking.

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Career Transition

Regardless of economy or unemployment statistics, career changes happen every day. You don't have to stay in a job that doesn't fit with who you are.

If you're looking to change careers, we'll help you to clarify your vision and assist you with translating your existing skills and experiences into meaningful competencies that can make you soar in an ideal new career.

We provide tools and expertise for the practical skills of writing a resume, interviewing, communicating and negotiating so you can tell your story in a positive, compelling way that is more aligned with your career goals.

When you can evaluate each opportunity not for what it pays or your odds of getting hired, but instead for how it is aligned with your career objectives, that's when great things can start happening for you.

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Elizabeth picked up the phone without checking her Caller ID. She had to send a document in 2 hours but still had to verify critical facts. When she realized the caller was a recruiter, Elizabeth checked her watch, made a mental note to screen her calls but something about the recruiter's enthusiasm held her attention. Elizabeth got up from her desk, closed the door and listened to the opportunity to work in a large city with an international firm. In spite of the looming deadline, Elizabeth was amazed at the timing of the call. She was single, tired of living in her home town and wanted to try something new.

Fast forward a few months - Elizabeth moved, found a great house, worked on interesting projects. Fast forward 2 years - Elizabeth married, moved with partners to start a new firm and supervised professionals. She kept in touch with the recruiter and when the recruiter became an executive coach, Elizabeth asked her firm to employ the coach to develop her leadership skills. Elizabeth used the 360 assessment to better understand how her colleagues viewed her leadership. She began accepting leadership roles with professional and community organizations. She was recognized as a "Rising Star" in several publications.

Andrew Grace Associates develops relationships with clients like Elizabeth. We make a difference in the lives of those we coach. You could be next. Contact us to contact us today.