"There is no money in the budget for continuing education but we need to do something for our paralegals. They have the legal skills they need but I would like to focus on communication skills. We can all improve in that area and I think better communication will help to build a stronger legal team. How can you help us?"

After consulting with the paralegals to learn their interests, we agreed on a series of Lunch and Learns that included topics such as Understand The Language You Speak, Suspend Judgment, Be Open To Possibilities, Being Effective In The Middle and Dealing With Change.

During the course of the series, we discovered that trust and respect were key issues for the group. We shared group coaching with real life examples of successfully creating trust and respect in their work environment. After the series was over, the company paid for each paralegal to join the Georgia Association of Paralegals. One of the individuals became a leader in the organization and invited her boss to speak about a legal topic at a general meeting.

We were pleased to provide this group coaching in a manner that resonated with management and brought value to the employees.


Leaders Who Can Improve Business Performance Are Indispensable...
...We Help You Develop These Leaders Quickly

Here are a few of the ways we make this happen for your company:

• Enhancing Performance that Achieves Business Results
• Talent Development
• Leadership Development
• Team Building

Andrew Grace Associates helps organizations transform your current executives, supervisors and managers into dynamic, inspiring leaders who can dramatically improve the performance of your business.

We accomplish this by working with these individuals from Day One, clearly defining performance and behavior expectations.

Then, in an intensive, one-on-one coaching environment, we help you determine the appropriate goals that will make those expectations a reality, not just today but for the months and years ahead.

We specialize in asking the "what if" and "why not" questions that can lead to creative solutions, creating a new culture of highly effective leaders who can continually increase productivity, morale, and profitability.

When your organization can clarify your objectives and take action on their accomplishment, positive results invariably follow

Our use of comprehensive, up-to-date assessment tools in tandem with constructive feedback has created positive and measurable results again and again for companies like yours all over the globe. You can choose from our two corporate coaching methods:

Feedback Coaching
At the end of the day it's about results, performance enhancement and increased cash flow.

We use 360-degree feedback to create strategies and action plans that will help you achieve these bottom line objectives.

And since we realize that no two companies are alike, we also use other assessments for Feedback Coaching, including Gold Standard tools such as Birkman, DISC and Myers-Briggs.

What are the specific issues that are affecting performance in your workplace? In a captivating workshop environment we'll help you troubleshoot, diagnose and solve these issues by developing action plans that cultivate teamwork, enhance performance, build relationships and strengthen skills that embrace strategic objectives.

It's time your organization reached its full leadership potential. Andrew Grace Associates will bring this about quickly and efficiently. Click here to contact us