Dorothy Pritchett,
President and CEO of Andrew Grace Associates  
Dorothy helps organizations manage transitions and empowers teams to align visions with corporate values.  She also helps individuals emerge as leaders and improves their performance.  Her powerful coaching approach has generated energy for her clients to move forward successfully with their professional lives. view full profile

SECA is a global network of coaching leaders who partner with Andrew Grace Associates.  Our affiliation with SECA allows us to provide coaches with specific expertise tailored to an organization’s type of business or industry.

Kathleen Mercker, MA, MCC
Kathleen's 26 years of International Leadership Experience enable her to create successful coaching cultures in organizations. view full profile

Jill Davis, MA, PCC
Jill designs large-scale problem solving projects and inspires teams to envision change. view full profile

Vicki Escude, MA, MCC
Vicki focuses on coaching her clients to achieve personal clarity and to attain extraordinary results with stretch goals. view full profile

Margaret Mann (Meg), JD
Meg is based in Europe and coaches large multinational clients and delivers management training programs. view full profile

Paula Fontana, ACC
Paula is Bi-Lingal, lives in Brazil and coaches executives in leadership and strategy. view full profile

Articles (PDF format)

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